2014 aims – improving my drawing
Martin Scorsese drawing

2014 aims – improving my drawing

Although I wish it wasn’t always the case, as a busy motion graphics designer working in London, I find myself stuck to the computer almost 24/7.

Don’t get me wrong, motion graphics and design is my life, but sometimes getting away from the computer can not only be a liberating experience but also a necessary thing to flex your creative muscle.

So for 2014 I’m going to try and draw more. Although it might seem a rather superfluous skill, it really comes in handy when drawing storyboards and visualising ideas. I’m never going to be the next Leonardo Da Vinci but ever since I was able to pick up a pencil it’s felt like the most natural thing I could do. So far I’ve completed an online course via the amazing Skillshare and next month I’m going to start going to weekly life drawing lessons. Although any improvement has been slight, seeing yourself improve drawing by drawing really does feel so good. It’s like updating your motion graphics showreel after 2 years and realsing you HAVE gotten better. Anyway, I will update my site soon with more images. Until then, check out 80% finished image of Martin Scorsese.


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