2016 goals
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2016 goals

I’m fast approaching one year since I officially went freelance. Although it has been incredibly busy, I definitely prefer it to full-time employment.

If I had to pick one factor I’m enjoying the most I would say “freedom”. I will still be freelancing in 2016 and working on developing Atom Studio but one project I am incredibly excited about is a personal project I’m working on with the author Neil Roberts. It’s early in development but I’ve written an initial script for a science fiction animated short, which Neil is currently developing. When I sent it over to him I was nervous. It’s impossible to not feel slightly vulnerable when you share a very rough idea or project but Neil immediately started coming up with incredible ideas. It may not even be released this year but I cant wait to start production on it. Once it’s completed I will be launching a website to help promote it but I will have updates during and after production on this site. Also I will keep updating my portfolio with my latest motion graphics projects.

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