The US-based startup were looking for an animated explainer video for their new tipping platform.

The explosion of content creators on sites like YouTube took the internet by storm but with it came one problem – how can creators make a living? Services like Patreon allowed fans to pay a subscription to gain access to content but this had its limitations. Not all fans were able to pay sometimes large fees for access.

GawkBox, a startup from Seattle, have created an innovative platform for content creators that allows fans to tip creators without having to pay a penny themselves. Fans simply go to the content creator’s page and download or install one of the featured apps and those sponsor’s then tip the content creators.

Despite actually being pretty simple, this process seemed to cause some confusion within the community and so GawkBox approached me to create an animated explainer video that clearly demonstrated not only the benefits but also how the service works.

Client: Gawkbox
Date: January 2019

Art Direction
2D Animation

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