To PC or not to PC?
Pc vs Mac illustration

To PC or not to PC?

Starting this blog post is tough as the guilt is crippling. I’ve done something I shouldn’t have, I bought a new PC…

If you haven’t closed the window of your browser down in a fit of rage please let me explain why. I truly believe right now for my motion graphics career it was the smartest move.

I’ve been using Macs since college, so OS X is an environment I know like the back of my hand. My Macbook Pro hasn’t aged well and just wasn’t cutting it. Waiting 3 minutes to open some software kills all productivity. Now I could maybe stretch my budget and buy a new iMac for 3K and put the top specs inside but that still wouldn’t be good enough, as Apple insist on using the GeForce graphics cards. For half the price I’ve bought a PC that makes an F1 car look slow and it has an Nvidia Quadro card, which means when I’m using After Effects and Premiere Pro it increases the speed again. Any aspect that can increase my workflow is always going to be a winner.

I’ll miss the beauty of a Jony Ive designed computer but time is a commodity that is so important when working on projects, so spending double the money on a slower machine just doesn’t make sense. Apple have been shifting over to focus on the consumer market for several years and I can’t see that changing anytime soon. Maybe their new Mac Pro might change things and I’ll go back to Macs with my tail between my legs but until then I’m sticking with my dirty PC.

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