I got shortlisted

I've been shortlisted for 2 Creativepool awards

I just got shortlisted for my very first award!

It was just a regular Tuesday afternoon. I was calmly sipping on my 8th coffee when I received a Gmail notification. I almost spat my coffee out all over my keyboard as I read the subject – “Congratulations, you are shortlisted for Annual 2019!”. Woah, I was not expecting that all. Admittedly I had submitted ‘The Crossing’ myself earlier that month but I thought I had no chance.

From people with extreme egos to more modest individuals, I’ve worked with almost every personality type. In terms of where I fit within that spectrum, I’m definitely more at the modest end. So to get shortlisted for an award like this by Creativepool is a huge deal for me and I am genuinely shocked.

Also, a huge congratulations to all of my fellow nominees – the work they’ve produced is both inspiring and intimidating. No matter what, I’m over the moon with just being nominated and I’m genuinely not thinking “but what if I win?” – it’s not important for me, the important part is the huge confidence boost and being recognised alongside such talented people.

There is a vote open so if you’d like to throw some love towards my project, then please do go ahead. The link is here and scroll down to Animation > Individual.

Thank you to Creativepool and a huge congratulations all those who were shortlisted.